Finding the Most Reliable Face Mask for You

Accordingly, the most reliable face mask can prevent 99% transmission of the dreaded coronavirus through direct inhalation. This is why the wearing of face masks is one of the basic health protocols everyone should adhere to to keep us safe during this time of a global health crisis. But with many kinds of face masks, which one should you choose?

Indeed, selecting a face mask to buy can be overwhelming. Besides cloth face masks, we also have surgical masks, N95, among others. Some individuals also prefer to use bandanas or neck gaiters. But what really makes a reliable face mask?

Fabric Type

It is best to check the fabric used before selecting a face mask. A mask made from fabric that has a high thread count is commendable. It means that there is no easy passage through it. The fabric type also determines the breathability of a mask. You are not wearing a mask to restrict you from some air but to filter the virus from being inhaled.

Additional Filter

Some face masks may allow you to insert an additional filter. This will enhance the filtering ability of a mask. The top portion of the mask is not sewn so that you can insert a piece of cloth or tissue to aid in filtering microbes and dust. You can always remove the filter when you think you are on safer ground.


The fabric type and fit can determine the degree of comfort a mask can give you. If you are allergic to some fabric types, you should always be wary when selecting a face mask. Of course, having an itchy nose or lips is the last thing you want from a face mask.

An exact fit makes your face mask comfortable to wear. It also ensures that your face mask is really working. You will definitely feel uneasy wearing a loose face mask. It may also allow free air to enter. With a tight face mask, it may be harder to breathe. It may also cause some itchiness on your face and ears. Tight and loose face masks can also be easily removed without your intention.


If you go for reusable face masks, you can be saving on money. This is because you can wash them after use. In contrast, disposable face masks are suitable for one use only. After using, you have to throw them away. Washing your face mask with a powerful detergent will help you clean it from microorganisms and dust.

Reusable masks are also environment-friendly. Disposable masks and other PPEs contribute much to garbage collection anywhere else.…

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